Tesla Autopilot, Elon Musk promises novelties for cars outside the United States

Tesla aims to offer an important improvement to the functions of the Autopilot for its electric cars sold outside the United States around March 2022. There are no precise details on the upcoming news but the news is certainly interesting. To communicate this news, directly Elon Musk through Twitter. Tesla’s number one response to a complaint about the operation of Autopilot in Europe said that significant improvements will be introduced that may vary according to local regulations.

Speaking of Europe, the functions offered by the driver assistance system of American electric cars have always been inferior to those available to American users due to some regulatory limitations. Furthermore, European customers appear to be complaining about the suboptimal functioning of Autopilot in some contexts. At this point, it seems that the time is ripe for the arrival of important news for Tesla’s Autopilot also in the Old Continent.

As usual, when Elon Musk provides timings, they have to be taken with due caution. It would not be the first time that the release times of some news are not respected. Tesla, however, is doing a lot of work on developing its driving assistance functions. In America, as we have seen several times, the development of the new Full Self Driving introduces a marked improvement in the driver assistance functions.

It will therefore be very interesting to understand the improvements to the Autopilot that Tesla will offer to its customers outside the United States and if this news will arrive in the period of March 2022. All that remains is to wait for further information from the American car manufacturer.

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