Tesla raises the price of Full Self-Driving. In America it rises to 12 thousand dollars

Tesla will increase again cost of Full Self-Driving. The news comes directly from Elon Musk who communicated that since January 17 this package will go from 10 thousand to 12 thousand dollars in America. It seems that at the same time there may also be news regarding the functionality of the advanced driving assistance system of the American manufacturer. A new Beta version of the new Full Self-Driving that some of the manufacturer’s customers are testing inside their cars should arrive in about a week.

The increase in the price of Full Self-Driving has not pleased Tesla customers as many of the promised features have not yet been made available. 12 thousand dollars is a decidedly “important” figure. Some time ago, Elon Musk explained the pricing policy applied to this package. Progressively as functionality increases made available, the cost of the package would also have increased. This means that this increase will not be the last.

Since Tesla began testing the new version of Full Self-Driving through a Beta program in October 2020, there have been no increases. Now, the manufacturer has decided to apply a new price increase. The cost of a full self-driving subscription version will also likely increase as Tesla aims to push its customers to purchase the full package.

The rise is limited to the American market where the new Full Self-Driving is being tested. In fact, in Europe, the situation is somewhat different. As we know, due to the regulations on driving assistance systems, the available functions are limited. Not for nothing, customers can opt for two packages: the Advanced Autopilot at 3,800 euros and the Full Self-Driving at 7,500 euros.

However, Elon Musk has promised important news for Autopilot for the European market for March. Therefore, one can think that with the arrival of new functions, price increases can also be triggered for the Old Continent market as well. From this point of view, we can do nothing but wait and see what will happen.

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